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Media Of Promotion The Advertising The Real Factor To Gain Success

Advertising is part of the promotional mix (Promotion mix) and promotion merupkan part of the marketing mix (marketing mix). In simple terms is defined as advertising messages which offer a product targeted to the public through the media. Another opinion which says that advertising is a form of non-personal promotion comunication with a clear identity of the sponsor through the channel (channel) specified, for example magazines, newspapers, radio, television and others. Ad (advertisment), especially in the modern business world is growing assessed as proven need a sense of urgency as supporting the success of marketing efforts.

In general, advertising is divided into three major parts, namely the head line, illustrations and parts of body copy. Section head line usually serves as a key opening to place an ad positioning. Head line in some cases often serve as a tag line, which generally uses the structure of popular language or slang. Section illustration in print media advertising plays an important role. Illustration advertising often serves as an eye catcher. Eye Catcher is an element that serves to bind the viewer’s eye at a certain point. Iluastrasi a translation positioning concepts are not able to be translated visually. Model advertising illustration generally divided into two types, namely concretizing and imagery. Concretizing an idea translation significantly. Concretizing based ideas directly.

Signs in the advertising serves to create meaning. Signs is a form of fiction that can be felt and represents something to someone in a particular context. The communication process as a sign reading process will be effective when the sender and the recipient have an area of ??perceptual (perceptual field) the same. The process of reading the signs in advertising in general use elements of semiotics. This process is done to create space more objective reading of the sign. Relations mark in advertising is more focused on reading visual language (figurative language). The relationship more as a symbolic relationship. Figurative language involves the expression of something with it that is usually used to symbolize other things that are considered related.