copper bonded earth rods

Earth rods

Earth rods from offer the temporary worker the best and most conservative earth rods for auxiliary earthing and lightning assurance – A Wallis earth rods are intended for use where amazingly high erosion resistance and long administration life are required.

Earth rods are delivered from strong copper bar and are inside strung for jointing – when profound driving a strong Earth bar the typical practice is to embed the pole into a drag opening and refill with either low resistance earthing compound or Bentonite.

tiefenerder give viable earthing to all site conditions and are made from 99.9% copper with incredible erosion resistance and high elasticity.

Earth rods exploit lower resistivity soils at more prominent profundities than typical removal will permit – utilized as a part of conjunction with Earthplates they are utilized to achieve a compelling earth in shallow soils or in areas with a lot of covered administrations eg high voltage exchanging positions.