best bean bag chair

Bean bag Chair unique and comfortable kind of chair that suit for relaxation unique, soft and comfortable continues to appear to follow the development of fashion. One of the unique sofa is a “bean bag.” Unlike its name, “bean bag” is not the bag of grain, but that it is not cotton sofa or order, but granules stryfoam. The round shape resembles a pea is highly preferred young people because it is convenient to relax. Styrofoam granules selected for softer and smoother. This sofa can follow or sustain human body curves when occupied. Cavity that holds the air bag deployment Styrofoam granules.

Initially the “bean bag” on the market conical or better known as the model of onions. But now has a more diverse form and color are also more varied. Furniture that this one is light weight. Most weighs just four kilograms, so it can easily be moved to different corners of the room. Pocket material selection ranging from velvet, cotton, synthetic leather up.