Eaystraining.com- EAYS Telemarketing Training Course for Sales Representative

Long gone are days of salespersons traveling to different cities to hold face to face meetings. The new digital age forces companies to stay competitive by utilizing most of their core sales to their telemarketing staffs and websites. Eays training is precisely designed to ensure your employees obtain the best skills for telephone marketing, check out telemarketing training.

It is essential for any modern company to equip its telemarketing staff with professional skills. Eays compliance certification training course will transform your team to be fully fledged consultants and sales account representatives.

Eays has experienced training instructors who provide personal and practical coaching, combines with questioning and listening skills to enable telemarketers staff to build a good rapport with client callers and uncover essential customer needs areas that need improving.

A unique feature of Eays highly interactive telemarketing course is the use of telephone switching equipment, and audio recorded phone conversations to simulate real life sales.

Training is tailored to fit the needs of the client organization and to deliver on-site telemarketing training at a time and location of the customer’s preference. The majority of the skills covered in this training also include consultative sales skills.

Objectives of the Telemarketing Training

Sales persons will learn to:

• Understand and differentiate between face-to-face and telephone selling

• Handle telephone client questions and objections

• Interview customers to understand their needs before pitching product features

• Use phone selling as means of creating long-term trading relationships

• Respond like telemarketing consultants

• Identify and quantify the cost of sales

• Create strategies to build advantages over competitors and to differentiate products and the company in the eyes of prospective customers

• Determine opportunity areas for adding value to businesses through creative questioning

Eays training specializes in standardizing your sales and customer service workflow. Your telemarketing staff will get equipped with inbound and outbound exceptional customer service handling.

For further information about the training, check out Eays website on charges and course descriptions.

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